Thursday, November 12, 2015

BORDEAUX: The Art of Living | By Fashion Trendsetter

Last October, Fashion Trendsetter and Trendsetter Interiors Teams had an amazing business trip to Bordeaux. Senay GOKCEN and Mutti PORTO share their travel notes about this beautiful city in southwestern France.

Senay GOKCEN | Editor-in-Chief | Fashion Trendsetter
Mutti PORTO | Editor-at-Large | Fashion Trendsetter

Bordeaux is a port city on the Garonne River and you can view this beautiful river while landing at the Bordeaux Airport.

Since our team members are working on various areas – from fashion to automotive design, from architecture to the fresh food industry; we travel as much as we can to gain more inspiration from different cultures of cities and countries.

Grand Hommes, Bordeaux.

Last October, taking the advantages of our business trip, we planned a quick city tour and started our route by visiting the chic Grand Hommes, Quinconces District at the center of Bordeaux.

You know you're in France when you see Galeries Lafayette Stores.

There were so many ‘the best of the best’ French fashion brands’ stores, luscious French patisseries, artisan chocolatiers, bistro cafés and charcuteries in and around these locations. But when you’re travelling with pregnant team members you experience the ‘aha’ moment of “Houston we have a problem!” The reality of hanging meats and sausages from the ceilings don’t make any sense of inspiration when someone in your team is having ‘morning sickness’; but shops that sell quality artisan chocolates, melted not only our hearts but kept us going from one meeting to another.

It’s hard to tell which brand’s collection is the nicest this season, because it’s French Fashion, how could them look bad any way? We fell in love with Anne Fontaine’s Fall 2015 Collection at Galeries Lafayette, with its beautiful white blouses paired with black trousers and accessorized with gold metals. These are truly must-haves of the season. Swarovski's sparkling ‘Stardust Collection’ and Hermés’ store displays were our favorite ones with their bold and bright color palettes.

Hermès' ‘Fall 2015 Accessories Collection’.

For the day two, we spent our whole spare time at the Rue Sainte-Catherine, which is the main shopping street in Bordeaux. The weather was fine and we had great time while walking through this 1.2 km long pedestrian street and enjoyed spotting the interesting trends on the window displays.


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