Thursday, August 30, 2018

Made by Pen Introduces New Color Lines to Jim Hannon-Tan's Linea Tabletop Organiser

Where Functional Art Meets Architecture

Is it functional art? Tabletop architecture? An elegant answer to organisation? Yes.

Linea by Jim Hannon-Tan is a multi-purpose tabletop organiser inspired by Oscar Niemeyer’s National Congress building and its sleek, modern lines. The interchangeable components and simple design create a flexible, functional answer to keeping clutter organised. Made from durable, easy-to-clean silicone, the Linea can withstand the rigours of daily use throughout the house.

Linea transforms the tabletop organiser into a welcome and attractive addition to any room. The boring desk organiser finally gets the fresh, functional update that takes it beyond the tired, dull necessity of generations past. This new, contemporary take on the tabletop catch-all results in a structured, small-footprint organiser with a wide range of applications. From the office to kitchen to bathroom, Linea's design allows for custom configurations in length, colour and layout. The adaptable components of dishes, cantilever cups, and tray produce the perfect place for everything from toothbrushes to tongs.


In the bathroom:
The small-footprint and versatile configurations allow the Linea to replace a variety of toothbrush holders, soap holders, and other elements that create clutter on vanities. The Linea is ideal for keeping makeup and other personal items organised and readily available, perfect for daily use.        
In the kitchen: 
The adaptable layout of the Linea easily accommodates a variety of needs. A convenient place for sponges, utensils, and other frequently used kitchen items. A stand to hold your receipe book or iPhone as you cook. Or even a place to house your fresh herbs

In the hallway: 
An elegant counter-top holder for keys, pens, and other personal items. A small plant display. The possibilities go on and on.

In the office: 
Linea provides a custom-made place for pens, glasses, notepads, and just about anything else. Functional flair which stylishly arranges the bits that surround your desk.


Color combinations of cups and dishes are available to contrast the components with the tray for a personalised look and easy color trend update.

  • The Classic: Black tray with black cups and dish
  • The Sydneysider: Black tray with white cups and dish
  • The Color Flair: Black tray with teal cups and dish
  • The Well-Dressed: Black tray with brass + marble dish

New Trending Colors Arriving October 2018

Linea is adding some new, exciting colours to its product line in October 2018, along with a wall mount feature for even more design options. The stylish, trending additions make it easy to update kitchen, bath, and office with some of the season's most popular colors.

New colors coming in October 2018 (and a wall mount feature)!

  • The Chic: Harbor Mist Grey
  • All Verve: Sharkskin Grey
  • On Pointe: Blooming Dahlia

RRP from $110.00 + gst available at

All images courtesy of Made by Pen.