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Great Reads: Restoration Hardware Source Books

[New York], August 19, 2012 - Restoration Hardware is one of the fastest growing and most innovative luxury brands in the home furnishings marketplace.

The brand stands alone and is redefining this highly fragmented and growing market. Restoration Hardware is positioned as a lifestyle brand and design authority, offering dominant assortments across a growing number of categories, including furniture, lighting, textiles, bathware, decor, outdoor and garden, as well as baby and child products.

Trendsetter Interiors recently visited this great site - and their exact digital replicas of the Restoration Hardware catalogs and wanted to tell you all about it.

It's very easy to use and can be accessed whenever you are surfing the net.

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Kitchen Designs by KitchenAid® Architect® Series

Exclusive Kitchen Design solutions with KitchenAid® Architect® Series. Surround yourself with bold, commercial-style appliances and elevate the heart of your home. For more information please visit

All photos courtesy of KitchenAid®

Superb Coffee, with Flair!

Siemens EQ5 Macchiato (TE503201RW)

Voluptuous coffee flavour and gorgeous design are a barista-beating duo in new bean-to-cup coffee centres from Siemens.

[New York], August 14, 2012 -
The fully-automatic machines - the EQ5 Macchiato (TE503201RW) and EQ5 Macchiato Plus (TE506209RW) - are beautiful on the outside, and marvels of engineering on the inside.

Both models have a 1.7litre water, 300g bean hopper and 15 bar pressure, plus an impressive range of features including adjustable coffee strength and double-shot setting; grind-setting, nozzle-height and drink-size adjustment; a two-cup function, and they will even make a perfect brew from ready-ground coffee rather than beans. The Macchiato Plus offers an extra one touch setting for perfect latte or cappuccino style.

Both models use Siemens' unique Aroma Pressure system, which has a specially-shaped tamper to ensure consistent compression of the ground coffee and perfectly reproducible flavour with every cup. Water is forced through this at 15 times atmospheric pressure - enough to produce a cup within 30 seconds. Siemens' special Senso-Flow heating element keeps the water at the ideal temperature during the brewing process, for great taste without over-brewing.

Siemens EQ5 Macchiato Plus (TE506209RW

The EQ5 Macchiato ­- in super-cool silver - has a graphical display for easy use, digital controls, a timer, an independent milk system with a separate nozzle, a removable drip tray with a mechanical sensor to warn when it is full (the Plus model has an electric sensor), as well as cleaning and de-scaling programmes, including a separate milk-cleaning programme. The tray, drip plate, milk nozzle and bean container lid are all dishwasher safe.

The EQ5 Macchiato Plus ­- in a gorgeous, deep-lacquered piano black - offers all these facilities, plus lighting.

Both machines offer an optional separate milk container and Brita's Intenza cartridge for consistently perfect water - a major ingredient in the making of any truly delicious cup of coffee.

With the EQ5s, Siemens' briliant technology and beautiful design combine to offer the headiest coffee aroma, the perfect crema, the frothiest milk and the finest bean-to-cup experience you can buy.

For more information please visit

HBA Designs the Living Room – a Bar & Lounge Exclusively for Grand Hyatt Dubai

Reflecting the Energy and Vibrancy of Dubai, the Newly Designed Lounge Provides Guests with Living Rooms of Unique Culture and Ambiance

[New York], August 14, 2012 - HBA / Hirsch Bedner Associates, the global leader in interior design, announces the completion of their renovation of Grand Hyatt Dubai including the Living Room Lounge & Bar.

Dubai, known as the "City of Life,' has become one of the most vibrant, young and dynamic cities today. The harmonious mix of diverse cultures spanning the Middle East, Europe and Asia living and working together in Dubai inspired the Living Room concept. HBA, using their expertise in restaurant and bar design, drew from Dubai's local tradition of luxury to create the Living Room Lounge & Bar which plays off the city's rich, local culture.

Majestically towering over Dubai's historic creek, Grand Hyatt Dubai sets the standard for excellence in a city known for extravagance. The Living Room Lounge & Bar combines cultural interplay, artistry and unique spatial planning creating an energetic and alive environment that could only exist in a city such as Dubai.

"Dubai is such a vibrant and culturally rich city that we did not have to look far for inspiration for the Living Room," says HBA Dubai Managing Associate, Michelle Evans. "In order to design a bar and lounge that offers the ultimate guest experience, we took cues from Arabic rhythms and patterns and fused them with luxurious materials while always maintaining the high quality standards of the Grand Hyatt brand."

With lounge, chill-out, soul and funk music evoking a sensation of relaxation, the Living Room Lounge & Bar is a trendy and stylish venue offering an eclectic and original cocktails and drinks list with an accompanying menu of light bites. The space incorporates elements from local cultures and unites them in a melting pot of styles creating a soothing and exotic atmosphere. The space is made up of four distinct lounges linked together by a series of portals that play into Dubai's see-and-be-seen tradition by offering glimpses between rooms. Each lounge has a different color scheme, although all are bold and harmonious through the use of luxe velvets and leathers to finish the space. The "live kitchen" is a stand out feature, showcasing chefs in their working environment, turning food into art.

Each Living Room has a unique concept and cultural identity, while blending together seamlessly. The Sunken Lounge is the heart of the space. Each of the rooms emanate from this central entry point. The Velvet Lounge takes inspiration from the Middle East's love of color. The space incorporates vivid hues of purples and magenta with a hint of gold along with velvets and richly patterned fabrics. Every detail is thought through, down to the junction from floor to walls - the transition is curved in order to emphasize softness.

The European Lounge has Louis VX chairs upholstered in modern day fabrics and pearlized leathers with black lacquer frames. The architectural colors are white on white, which is carried through in the large oil paintings on aluminum metal by Julia Brooker. The room is punctuated by tones of grey and vivid orange. As guests enter the room through a glowing burnt orange portal constructed in high gloss lacquer, it creates a grand sense of entry. In line with the Louis XIV chair, an entire wall is clad in antiqued mirror and through the wall is the portal that glimpses into the Velvet Lounge.

The Chinese Lounge is bold and strong with vibrant reds and blacks that create a real sense of drama. The space is punctuated with oversized heavily adorned chandeliers in crystal and velvet. The chandeliers were sourced from a local supplier, Petals, known for their flamboyant designs. One wall is attributed to a photographic scene from a Chinese nightclub where the dress of the central figure was colored to match the silk fabrics and panels around the room. The well-choreographed art and interior design program provide a focal point seen from all around the room and create a unique atmosphere unlike anything found in Dubai.

In addition to the The Living Room Lounge & Bar, HBA also renovated two other spaces in Grand Hyatt Dubai - the Ahasees Spa & Club and Al Manzil Residence. All three brand-new lifestyle experiences are set to enhance and complement the luxurious facilities the hotel is synonymous with.

For more information, please visit

About Grand Hyatt Dubai
Located in the heart of the city, Grand Hyatt Dubai is a perfect blend of a city conference and resort set within a lush oasis of 37 acres of landscaped gardens. Featuring a combination of resort facilities, luxury hotel guestrooms and suites, residential apartments, 14 food and beverage outlets and one of the largest and advanced conference facilities in the Middle East, the hotel is just minutes away from Dubai's shopping, entertainment and business districts and within easy access of the international airport. The hotel also welcomes a new way to meet, mingle and motivate at Al Manzil, a brand-new residential style multi-event venue. This intimately designed space embraces the style elements of Arabic hospitality and architecture, inviting guests into "The Home" for an event of exciting possibilities. Relax and enjoy world-class leisure facilities at Ahasees Spa and Club and connect with the spirit of Dubai through our Trade, Flourish and Evolve treatment programs.

AIA Consensus Construction Forecast

Nonresidential Construction Spending Expected to Increase through 2012 with Stronger Growth Projected for 2013

[New York], August 14, 2012 - The American Institute of Architects (AIA) semi-annual Consensus Construction Forecast, a survey of the nation's leading construction forecasters, projects a 6.2% increase of spending in 2013.

Even with the myriad of obstacles preventing a full scale recovery for the overall U.S. economy, the design and construction industry appears to have reasons to be at least modestly optimistic in the coming months and into next year.

A sharp spike in demand for industrial facilities so far this year, along with sustained demand for hotels and retail projects factors into what projects to be a 4.4% rise in spending this year for nonresidential construction projects - up from a projection of a 2.1% increase in the January Consensus Forecast.

"With companies looking to bring back manufacturing jobs from overseas, there has been a sharp rise in demand for industrial facilities, which is leading to an upward revision in projections for future construction spending," commented AIA Chief Economist, Kermit Baker, PhD, Hon. AIA. "Continued budget shortfalls at the state and local level, along with a depressed municipal bond market are holding the institutional market back from seeing similar upticks in spending.

Federal tax and spending changes - the so-called fiscal cliff - that may come into play in early 2013 could upset the economic applecart and prove detrimental to recovery possibilities. We will likely have a better sense after the presidential election what will happen with regards to the Bush-era tax cuts, Social Security payroll tax, extended unemployment, and deficit reduction plans that will have a ripple effect that will extend to the construction industry."

About AIA
Since 1857, the AIA has represented the professional interests of America's architects. As AIA members, over 74,000 licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners express their commitment to excellence in design and livability in our nation's buildings and communities.

For more information please visit AIA -

Phone: 202.626.7300 | Fax:202.626.7547
Address: 1735 New York Ave., NW Washington DC 20006-5292 United States

Westin Hotels & Resorts Unveils New Nature-Inspired Public Space Concept

(Photo: Business Wire)
Westin Brings the Outdoors In with Innovative Vertical Gardens

New Sensory Arrival, Re-Imagined Zoning and Activating Elements Create Haven for Travelers

[Stamford, Conn.], August 14, 2012 - Today, Westin Hotels & Resorts announces that it is applying its industry leading, design-driven approach to the new public space design, allowing travelers to stay balanced, refreshed and connected on the road.

Designed with guests' well-being in mind, the new lobby concept serves as a modern-day oasis for today's demanding travelers by incorporating natural design elements, flexible and functional zoning and conveniently-located retail and grab & go areas. Westin's new public space concept is currently on display at Westin Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego and will continue to roll out at participating properties worldwide throughout 2013. Five additional hotels are slated to feature the new concept this year including Westin Indianapolis, Westin Boston Waterfront, Westin Birmingham, Westin Georgetown and Westin Bethesda.

Vertical Gardens Offer a Breath of Fresh Air

The Vertical Garden is a unique focal element of the new Westin lobby concept and was designed not only to improve indoor air quality, but also to create a calming, more natural environment. Although vertical gardens exist in other boutique hotel properties, Westin is the first global brand to incorporate these structures in the lobby space throughout its global portfolio. The brand's in-house design team, led by Erin Hoover, Vice President of Design, was inspired by research conducted by NASA scientists who discovered that growing plants indoors relieves stress while also helping to clean the air. The design team was also motivated by multiple studies of biophilia which indicate that the integration of nature into design results in a range of health benefits, including lower blood pressure, enhanced mental stamina and elevated moods. As the first international hotel brand to go smoke-free in 2006, Westin decided to partner with Ambius, the premier global interior landscaping provider, to create these "living walls" that function operationally in the hospitality environment and further the brand's commitment to ensuring that guests leave feeling better than when they arrived.

Ranging from 100 to 300 square feet, each Vertical Garden is custom-designed and integrates wall-mounted plant modules with infill panels of unique textured materials inspired by the interior architecture and the location's regional identity. Experts from Ambius work with Westin's Brand Design Team and the individual properties to determine which plants are best suited for their lobby space, depending on the amount of natural and artificial light, as well as the location's natural climate. These range from low- and mid-light plants including Variegated Philodendron, Golden Pothos and Dallas Ferns, to high-light plants such as English Ivy and the Purple Waffle Plant, all selected by the design team for their detoxifying, high-oxygen producing properties that improve overall air quality. Some of the systems are also designed with a UV filter, allowing for the use of grey water and therefore providing an even further positive impact to the environment over the life-span of the Vertical Garden.

Sensory Welcome = Energizing Haven

Upon arrival in the new lobbies, guests are transported from the everyday and are greeted with a unique balance of calm and energy, beginning with a more customized experience at the new Westin check-in pods. These free-standing structures replace the outdated hotel check-in desk and are ergonomically designed with work surfaces at optimum heights and a more spacious, personal guest interaction area. Westin's signature white tea scent, combined with custom music, calming tonal colors and soft, atmospheric lighting creates a fresh and soothing ambiance. A new back-lit feature wall, on display behind the check-in pods, was created by transferring one of Westin's 28 X-ray nature images onto a solid core material, creating soft visual texture and subtle movement. This new relaxing arrival zone allows travelers to let go of their stress and enter an inviting, uplifting space that helps them stay balanced, refreshed and ready to achieve.

Re-Imagined Zoning Creates Opportunities for Working and Playing Well

Whether enjoying downtime with friends and family or conducting an impromptu meeting with colleagues, Westin's new lobby concept provides guests opportunities to both work and play well through new zoning. The Dock is an active, adaptive space ideal for meetings, browsing the internet or engaging in conversation. Consisting of meeting tables designed with connectivity in mind, The Dock features conveniently located power outlets, integrated lighting and easy access to computers and printers. Thoughtfully designed seating zones have also been created to meet the needs of modern travelers, with power panels built into side tables for easy accessibility. Flexible spaces can easily transform in order to accommodate varying levels of interaction and intimacy, from semi-private meetings to casual gatherings with friends. New acoustic and architectural screens have also been added to improve sound control and help create a more intimate setting.

Grab & Go Café and Westin Retail Store Create Natural Flow of Activity

Conveniently located in the Westin lobby adjacent to the new seating zones, the Westin Grab & Go Café and the signature Westin retail store make it easy for guests to grab a quick bite or finish up their last-minute shopping. The Westin Grab & Go Café will vary at each property, ranging from an enclosed café space with a heavenly sky light and a central communal table to a transitional café/bar experience that adjusts to a lively, engaging lobby bar experience in the evening. Taking a page from its sister brand W Hotels & Resorts, credited for innovating the hotel retail experience, Westin will also debut a signature retail store, offering a curated selection of Westin innovations, including Heavenly bedding, bath products and white tea scented products for the home.

Westin Continues to Innovate

The brand's innovative new public space concept joins a host of initiatives recently introduced by Westin Hotels & Resorts that have been designed with the guests' well-being in mind. Most recently, Westin announced its revolutionary new workspace concept, Project Hive, to meet the changing needs of today's mobile business travelers. In early 2012, Westin refreshed its WestinWORKOUT program to match the evolving fitness trends among guests and further enhance the brand's goal of promoting well-being in travel. In September 2011, Westin launched a brand-wide Associate Enrichment program, introducing the brand's "Elements of Well Being Platform" to more than 25,000 associates around the world through key touch points. In May 2011, the brand unveiled its groundbreaking "For a Better You" ad campaign that uses artistic imagery to depict the "Elements of Well Being" that help Westin guests leave feeling better than when they arrived. In December 2010, Westin announced an exclusive partnership with New Balance, helping hotel guests overcome the hurdles of exercising on the road by providing New Balance footwear, apparel and fitness program content to its guests to borrow.

About Westin Hotels & Resorts

Westin Hotels & Resorts offers innovative programs that transform every aspect of a stay into a revitalizing experience. All Westin signature services - like the Heavenly Bed, delicious SuperFoods and WestinWorkout studio - have been designed with the guests' well-being in mind. Westin hotels, with more than 186 hotels and resorts in nearly 40 countries and territories, is owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: HOT). Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. is one of the leading hotel and leisure companies in the world with 1,112 properties in nearly 100 countries and 154,000 employees at its owned and managed properties. Starwood is a fully integrated owner, operator and franchisor of hotels, resorts and residences with the following internationally renowned brands: St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, W, Westin, Le Méridien, Sheraton, Four Points by Sheraton, Aloft, and ElementSM. The Company boasts one of the industry's leading loyalty programs, Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG), allowing members to earn and redeem points for room stays, room upgrades and flights, with no blackout dates. Starwood also owns Starwood Vacation Ownership, Inc., a premier provider of world-class vacation experiences through villa-style resorts and privileged access to Starwood brands.
For more information on Westin Hotels & Resorts, please visit or Follow Westin on Twitter, @Westin.

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Marcus® Hotels & Resorts Completes Renovation of Lobby Lounge at the Historic Hilton Milwaukee

The Monarch Lounge provides guests with comfortable seating for work or relaxation, with furnishings that reflect the hotel's elegant history. (Photo:

Restoration Creates Art Deco-style Monarch Lounge Reminiscent of Hotel’s Original Bar Design; Marks Final Stage in Multi-million Dollar Renovation

[Milwaukee], August 10, 2012 - Marcus Hotels & Resorts, a division of The Marcus Corporation, today announced that extensive renovations of the lobby lounge in the historic, AAA Four Diamond Hilton Milwaukee in Milwaukee, Wis. have been completed. The company restored the hotel's lobby lounge, which once housed one of the longest bars in Wisconsin - an ornate, 82-foot-long serpentine bar - to be reminiscent of the classic, old-school lobby cocktail lounge. Now open, the new Monarch Lounge, with its art deco-style bar design is spacious, welcoming and a place to connect socially within the community.

In addition to the art deco lounge, the renovation covers 3,800 square feet and includes spacious seating areas, workstations and a media center. A stone and metal fireplace was added to the south wall, while an interactive media work area anchors the north end with touch-screens, iPads, a magazine stand and printer. The Monarch Lounge provides guests with comfortable seating for work or relaxation, with furnishings that reflect the hotel's elegant history.

The Monarch Lounge provides guests with comfortable seating for work or relaxation, with furnishings that reflect the hotel's elegant history. (Photo:
"The renovation and expansion of the lobby offers our guests additional space to work, relax and congregate," said Steve Magnuson, Hilton Milwaukee's vice president and general manager. "We hope visitors enjoy the many upgrades we've added, and that they find the new lobby area a comfortable and inviting place to spend their time."Featuring live jazz piano music in the evenings, the lounge offers a global wine list and bar-style menu featuring creative small plates of Mediterranean and classic American selections, paired with signature cocktails.

A stone and metal fireplace on the south end of the lounge creates a cozy environment for work or play. (Photo:

The culinary staff is working closely with local farmers and artisan food purveyors to put a local twist on internationally inspired flavors. "From calamari with basil dipping sauce and prosciutto bruschetta to chicken pot stickers and shaved tuna crudo, the Monarch Lounge offers plates to please every taste," said Chef Robert Fedorko, market executive chef for Marcus Hotels & Resorts of Milwaukee. "The extensive drink menu features signature cocktails and seasonal drink specialties to please a variety of palates."

As part of the renovation, several large windows on the east side of the building, which were covered for decades, have been opened to overlook 5th Street and offer a unique view of Wisconsin Avenue and downtown. Openings have also been created to overlook the upper and lower lobbies. Design elements of the renovated lounge include rich wood architecture, comfortable leather furniture, new floor covering and fixtures to reflect the hotel's original 1920s style.

The Monarch Room transformation marks one of the final phases in a multi-million dollar renovation of the hotel's guestrooms, lobby area, public spaces, fitness center and more. The elegant hotel has been extensively restored to reflect its original grandeur and renovated to incorporate modern technology to accommodate guests' present-day needs.

Built in 1927, the Hilton Milwaukee is a classic art deco hotel with rich furnishings and distinctive architecture. Originally named The Schroeder Hotel, today the Hilton Milwaukee is recognized as the city's largest hotel with a tradition of excellence spanning nearly 85 years. The gracious style of the hotel is reflected in the impeccable service and attention to every detail provided by a tenured team of hospitality professionals.
The lounge features live jazz piano music in the evenings. (Photo:
About Hilton Milwaukee

Located in the heart of downtown, the AAA Four Diamond Hilton Milwaukee City Center is a true Milwaukee landmark. In 2011, it became a member of Historic Hotels of America. As Milwaukee's convention headquarters hotel of choice, Hilton Milwaukee offers the most meeting and event space of any hotel in the city-more than 34,000 square feet-including three ballrooms and 18 well-appointed meeting rooms of various sizes. The hotel's ballrooms, with their vaulted ceilings and period fabrics, echo the magnificence evident throughout this showpiece.

With 729 renovated guest rooms, Hilton Milwaukee can accommodate nearly any group. Its central location means guests are just moments away from the city's theater district, the lakefront and Summerfest grounds, Bradley Center sports complex, and Historic Third Ward. Hilton Milwaukee is located at 509 W. Wisconsin Ave. in downtown Milwaukee. For more information on the hotel, visit, find the hotel on Facebook (, or follow it on Twitter (@HiltonMilwaukee).

About Marcus Hotels & Resorts
Marcus Hotels & Resorts, a division of The Marcus Corporation, owns or manages 18 hotels, resorts and other properties in nine states. A force in the hospitality industry, Marcus Hotels & Resorts provides expertise in management, development and historical renovations. The company's portfolio includes a wide variety of properties including city-center meeting hotels, upscale resorts and branded first-class hotels. For more information, please visit and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter (@MarcusHotels).

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Form Us With Love Haberdash Store Interior Design

[Stockholm], August 11, 2012 - Haberdash is the contemporary dandy store in Stockholm.

Form Us With Love designed the interior for the newly opened shop at Upplandsgatan 50 in Stockholm. FUWL approached the project by researching and selecting materials reflecting the level of detail and quality of Haberdash's fashion.

The results is an interior with products from materials used in a new way, including Silestone quarts slabs for display wall and counter, Kährs ash flooring for display stands and leather remnants from tannery Tärnsjö for seating.

The newly launched pendant glass lamps designed by FUWL for Design House Stockholm frames the setting.

Form Us With Love is a design studio operating from Stockholm. The internationally acclaimed studio was started in 2005 and has since pushed to challenge the conventional through design initiatives. FUWL partners with companies involved in the development and production of everyday objects, furniture and lighting.

For more information please visit | All Photos: Jonas Lindström, Courtesy of FUWL.