Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Superb Coffee, with Flair!

Siemens EQ5 Macchiato (TE503201RW)

Voluptuous coffee flavour and gorgeous design are a barista-beating duo in new bean-to-cup coffee centres from Siemens.

[New York], August 14, 2012 -
The fully-automatic machines - the EQ5 Macchiato (TE503201RW) and EQ5 Macchiato Plus (TE506209RW) - are beautiful on the outside, and marvels of engineering on the inside.

Both models have a 1.7litre water, 300g bean hopper and 15 bar pressure, plus an impressive range of features including adjustable coffee strength and double-shot setting; grind-setting, nozzle-height and drink-size adjustment; a two-cup function, and they will even make a perfect brew from ready-ground coffee rather than beans. The Macchiato Plus offers an extra one touch setting for perfect latte or cappuccino style.

Both models use Siemens' unique Aroma Pressure system, which has a specially-shaped tamper to ensure consistent compression of the ground coffee and perfectly reproducible flavour with every cup. Water is forced through this at 15 times atmospheric pressure - enough to produce a cup within 30 seconds. Siemens' special Senso-Flow heating element keeps the water at the ideal temperature during the brewing process, for great taste without over-brewing.

Siemens EQ5 Macchiato Plus (TE506209RW

The EQ5 Macchiato ­- in super-cool silver - has a graphical display for easy use, digital controls, a timer, an independent milk system with a separate nozzle, a removable drip tray with a mechanical sensor to warn when it is full (the Plus model has an electric sensor), as well as cleaning and de-scaling programmes, including a separate milk-cleaning programme. The tray, drip plate, milk nozzle and bean container lid are all dishwasher safe.

The EQ5 Macchiato Plus ­- in a gorgeous, deep-lacquered piano black - offers all these facilities, plus lighting.

Both machines offer an optional separate milk container and Brita's Intenza cartridge for consistently perfect water - a major ingredient in the making of any truly delicious cup of coffee.

With the EQ5s, Siemens' briliant technology and beautiful design combine to offer the headiest coffee aroma, the perfect crema, the frothiest milk and the finest bean-to-cup experience you can buy.

For more information please visit www.siemens-home.co.uk

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