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Pantone Color of the Year for 2014: PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid

Expressive, Exotic Radiant Orchid Blooms with Confidence and Warmth

[CARLSTADT, N.J.], December 10, 2013 - Pantone LLC, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, announced PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple, as the color of the year for 2014.

"While the 2013 color of the year, PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, served as a symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity, Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. "An invitation to innovation, Radiant Orchid encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today's society."

"An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm."

Radiant Orchid for Interiors
Spruce up interior spaces by incorporating this eye-catching hue in paint, accent pieces and accessories. As adaptable as it is beautiful, Radiant Orchid complements olive and deeper hunter greens, and offers a gorgeous combination when paired with turquoise, teal and even light yellows.

Likewise, the vibrant color is sure to liven up neutrals including gray, beige and taupe. Uplifting and bold without being overpowering, Radiant Orchid re-energizes almost any color palette and provides a unifying element for diverse spaces.

Radiant Orchid for Fashion

Radiant Orchid's rosy undertones radiate on the skin, producing a healthy glow when worn by both men and women. A dazzling attention-getter, Radiant Orchid permeated the runways during the spring 2014 fashion shows and is already making its way onto the red carpet. Fashion designers featured in the PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2014 (read more), including Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan, Juicy Couture and Yoana Baraschi, are incorporating Radiant Orchid into their spring collections and variations of this hue will carry into men's and women's clothing and accessories throughout next year.

This multifaceted hue is seductive when combined with red and pairs well with its sister shades of lavender, purple and pink, which provides an assortment of lipstick and blush options. Radiant Orchid's exuberance also acts as a brilliant finishing touch to nails.

Cross-Referencing to Other PANTONE Libraries
PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid can also be cross-referenced to all other PANTONE Libraries including PANTONE PLUS for graphic design. For cross-referencing information, click here or see www.pantone.com/ColoroftheYear

About the PANTONE Color of the Year
The color of the year selection requires careful consideration and, to arrive at the selection, Pantone quite literally combs the world looking for color influences. This can include the entertainment industry and films that are in production, traveling art collections, hot new artists, popular travel destinations and other socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from technology, availability of new textures and effects that impact color, and even upcoming sports events that capture worldwide attention.

For more than a decade, Pantone's Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home and industrial design, as well as product packaging and graphic design. www.pantone.com/ColoroftheYear

Pantone LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite, Incorporated, has been the world's color authority for almost 50 years, providing design professionals with products and services for the colorful exploration and expression of creativity. Always a source for color inspiration, Pantone also offers designer-inspired products and services for consumers. More information is available at www.pantone.com

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2014/2015 Heimtextil Trends: "Progress! Revive!"

KL30 by Yago Hortal, Image courtesy of Heimtextil

[Frankfurt], September 6, 2013 - Heimtextil presents four themes for the 2014/2015 Heimtextil Trends: "Progress! Revive!"

The Heimtextil Trends is the creative way to discover the most important and international trends at the beginning of every year.

The trend information gives product developers, furnishing specialists and designers first-class orientation to interpret current social and cultural developments as well as future consumer requirements.

Read more: http://www.fashiontrendsetter.com/content/interior/2013/2014-2015-Heimtextil-Trends.html

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ALU NYC Showroom Commences with Flying Colors

Photo courtesy of ALU - www.alu.com
[New York], July 30, 2013 - A new look has been given to ALU's NYC showroom. Thanks to a partnership with PANTONE, at the end of June the newly transformed space pays a tribute to colors and enhances ALU's creed to reinvent and re-imagine.

The showroom highlights the ability of ALU design systems to personalize your retail experience and share mutual standards of performances in order to reach co-creation together with you.

A chameleonic Slash plays a significant role: a white painted wall mounted installation is put in contrast with a series of emerald nuanced magnetic supports. Column Slash bonds as the elegant provider and clear cut solution which uses the space to its full potential. Autopole works with a new range of signage to communicate effectively the character of your store.

All Photos Courtesy of ALU - www.alu.com

About ALU

ALU is an international company with more than 25 years of experience catering to the retail world.

Since its founding, ALU has partnered with many leading international retailers and premium brands such as Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Sears, Chanel, Zara, Bank of America, Ray Ban, Nokia, Luxottica, Sephora, Estée Lauder, Adidas, Maclaren, JCPenney, Helly Hansen, Wrangler and General Motors, among others.

For more information please visit www.alu.com

Sephra 19

Friday, July 5, 2013

"Zaha Hadid – World Architecture" Exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre

[New York], July 5, 2013 - The summer exhibition at The Danish Architecture Centre features the work of the internationally acclaimed star architect Zaha Hadid in her first solo exhibition in Scandinavia from 29 June to 29 September 2013.

The Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid is one of the most admired and discussed architects in the world. She also happens to be the only woman in the "premier league" of architecture, and the first female architect to receive the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize - "the Nobel Prize of architecture".

For the past 30 years, Zaha Hadid has challenged the boundaries of architecture with her sensual, expressive architectural language which has become an icon for our vision of the global architecture of tomorrow. Examples of her work include: the MAXXI Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome (2010), Guangzhou Opera House (2010), the BMW Central Building in Leipzig (2005), London Aquatic Centre (2012) and, in Denmark, the extension to the museum Ordrupgaard (2005), situated north of Copenhagen.

For this summer's major exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre, Zaha Hadid Architects have created an extraordinary exhibition experience. You will enter a world of towers, floating shells, selected projects and designer objects. Everything is presented in a borderless scenic universe, showing how Zaha Hadid's spectacular buildings and designs arise out of a progressive digital and geometric universe.

Interactive Installation
At the exhibition you can experience an interactive installation that changes in form and expression by the visitor's movements in space. Here you can see a video of the installation from the exhibition.

Parametric Space from Kollision on Vimeo.

Zaha Hadid Architects [www.zaha-hadid.com] worked together with design office Kollision [www.kollision.dk], CAVI [www.cavi.au.dk] and Wahlberg [www.wahlberg.dk] to create the interactive installation 'Parametric Space' for the exhibition 'Zaha Hadid - World Architecture' at the Danish Architecture Centre [www.dac.dk] 29 June - 29 September 2013.

The installation is a fully parametric space that reacts to the visitors' movements by changing shape and expression. At first glance the installation is a dark rectangular space - four walls, floor and ceiling. But the space change when visitors enter. What appears to be a normal flat ceiling reveals itself as a flexible membrane that starts to glow and physically move down into a funnel shape that slowly reaches out. Stepping closer to the funnel it moves further down; stepping back the membrane draws itself back, too. But the membrane does not only change its shape it is also brought to life by thousands of dynamic light particles inhabiting the surface reacting on the membrane movements, creating an almost dreamy but still tangible experience related to the parametrically architectural language that Zaha Hadid Architects are known for.


The installation is brought to life by two laser scanner sensors that continuously gather information about visitors' positions in the space. The positions are used for calculating the heights of the four actuators pushing and pulling cylindrical volumes on the topside of the membrane. The cylinders are equipped with RGB light sources that express the cylinder height by color and intensity. Finally, four projectors built into the floor, project the particles of light onto the membrane. The particles are spatially calculated on a virtual 3D surface of the approximate membrane shape.

The exhibition was developed by Zaha Hadid Architects in collaboration with the Danish Architecture Centre, supported by Realdania [www.realdania.dk] and Kvadrat [www.kvadrat.dk]. Kollision managed the design process and the technical project development of Parametric Space together with Zaha Hadid Architects; CAVI programmed the infrastructure and the parametric actuator and lighting control; Wahlberg constructed the membrane installation together with the actuator and the light source integration; and Zaha Hadid Architects developed the real-time graphics projected onto the membrane.

Get a glimpse of behind the scenes: https://vimeo.com/69127016

For more information see kollision.dk/en/parametric

Furthermore see the following link for more media architecture projects from Kollision: vimeo.com/album/1809263

For more information please visit http://www.dac.dk/en/dac-life/exhibitions-1/2013/zaha-hadid/

Friday, May 10, 2013

Clariant Launches ColorForward Interiors: First Color and Trend Forecasting Guide for Fibers and Textiles

Color palettes for textiles inspire designers, architects and manufacturers with market insights for 2014 Predictions based on intensive research of societal trends around the world Gives manufacturers a head-start on potential consumer-purchasing decision drivers.

[Muttenz, Switzerland], May 10, 2013 - Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, has launched ColorForward Interiors, the first color and trend forecasting tool of its kind. It provides designers and producers of textile yarn and filaments with insight into what consumers will respond to in 2014 and beyond. ColorForward Interiors expands on the foundation of Clariant's well-accepted ColorForward color direction guide.

"Clariant's ColorForward program is the best knowledge we have of today's and tomorrow's trends and how they influence the way consumers respond to color," says Francis Baud, Global Head of Marketing - Textiles for Clariant Masterbatches. "We want to capture that knowledge and present it in a way that is specifically applicable to the textile, upholstery, and carpet industries. I am sure this unique initiative will spark great interest."

Now in its eighth year, ColorForward's directions have helped define the colors that can be expected to attract and move consumers in the future. It is the result of the collaborative effort of plastics color specialists from North and South America, Europe and Asia in the global network of ColorWorks design & technology centers of the Clariant Masterbatches Business Unit. The service has helped manufacturers of all types of products get a head start on understand how color can influence consumer purchasing decisions. Now, the Clariant Masterbatches Textile Group has focused its specialized expertise to expand the ColorForward 2014 palette to help customers in the fiber and yarn market in the same way.

"Our colored masterbatches for textile yarn and filaments are used during the spinning process at our customers, for the production of end products such as carpets, fabrics, furnishings and seat covers," says Baud. "Therefore, our expertise in color, consumer habits, polymer science and fiber processing is very valuable to our customers and their designers as they select and combine colors during the initial phase of the creation of their textile articles."

ColorForward Interiors starts from a color palette created from an analysis of four important societal trends chosen by Clariant's color experts from a myriad of global inspirations. Each trend theme is then represented by five colors that capture the spirit and emotion behind the trend. The palette is then doubled in size, to include complementary shades. "Fabric and carpet designers tend to blend colors, merging bright hues with softer tones to create an overall color effect that makes a singular impression on the eye," explains Judith van Vliet, designer at ColorWorks Europe/IMEA and a member of the ColorForward team. "ColorForward Interiors has 40 colors that designers can mix and match in a creative and playful way."

Each color is reproduced in nylon or polypropylene fibers that are formed into pompons stored in a presentation box. The pompons can be rearranged inside the box to create hundreds of combinations. "We aren't trying to tell designers which colors to use," says Alessandro Pozzati, ColorWorks Europe/IMEA Industrial Designer. "The trend colors suggest what consumers may respond to in 2014, but how our customers use them is totally up to them. ColorForward Interiors is an inspirational tool."

Uncovering the most significant trends and the colors they engender is not a simple task. Experts in color, design, marketing and polymers from every part of the world, representing multiple disciplines, collaborated not only in identifying global societal trends, but also developing harmonious colors that reflect each trend's special influence.

The four trend themes for 2014 are:

Keep It Real
At a time when consumers are overwhelmed with brands and bored with me-too products, manufacturers want to know how they can keep them excited. People want to feel a connection with the things. They want what's real and tangible, and manufacturers need to understand this. To stand out in the marketplace, designs have to connect with consumers on a more personal level.

After the recent recession, the public is tired and disappointed with old ideas and waste. They want to re-purpose the old into new. This theme acknowledges a new freedom of expression that looks at existing materials from different angles and imagines new creations.

"The colors of Re|use|full are a visualization of thinking outside of the box, of morphing discarded products into new-generation identities," explains Pozzati. "The colors suggest feelings of timelessness, longevity and permanence."

There to Share

In the mobile internet age where information on almost anything is easily accessible, shared thinking, collaborative reflection and networked learning are new approaches to inquiry-based research. Today's young generation is more open to sharing knowledge and uniting ideas to solve world problems is 'in.' Money and possessions are perceived as less important, while the sharing of knowledge is seen as generous, and a better representation of goodness and value. "The colors of There to Share are connective, suggesting how individuals around the world are connected, sharing their experiences, thoughts and ideas across time zones, as technology allows them to share, effortlessly and quickly," reveals Judith van Vliet.

Vamos Jogar Bola
The spirit of Brazil is what defines this theme. The 2014 soccer championship in Brazil will draw together millions of fans from diverse countries to share a common passion - their love for football, which really can reach the level of a religious fervor. Brazilians also express themselves through their colorful Carnival, infused with samba music and dance. These events draw immense crowds and can be perceived as an invitation to come together and unite to solve global problems. The world is opening up rapidly, and as it does, and new middle classes emerge, so too do new markets. Brazil is investing huge resources to change itself. The phenomenon of inclusion can be seen everywhere in the country. In addition, sustainable development events are powered by innovation. There is so much joy in the air, as Brazil has so much to celebrate.

More information on Clariant Masterbatches products is available at www.clariant.masterbatches.com.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

SceneSetter Fitting Room Mirror

[New York], May 2, 2013 - Introducing SceneSetter™, a uniquely lit mirror that enables shoppers to focus on your merchandise instead.
You see it every day - a shopper heads for the fitting room with an armload of clothes, only to leave empty handed. Why do you lose sales in the fitting room? Nothing "looked right." And many times, that's due to unflattering lighting that makes a shopper look ill and feel frumpy.

"With really bad lighting, you look at yourself,
you look at your skin and you're completely distracted."

-Wendy B. McDevitt, Anthropologie, as quoted in the Wall Street Journal

With different settings replicating outdoor, evening and office light, SceneSetter™ highlights subtle nuances of color tone, letting your customers see themselves in a whole new light. A quick touch of a button and they can see how they'll look in various real-life situations: a romantic dinner, a business presentation, an outdoor excursion. Customers want clothes that make them look good. And SceneSetter™ makes it easy for shoppers to say: "I love the way I look in this outfit." They'll relax more - and buy more.

An easy-to-use touch-screen interface allows shoppers to control lighting and adjust the color temperature and intensity to achieve their most flattering look while they try on their selections.

Allows user to simulate various real life environments.
Touch-screen interface system can be adapted to retailers' specific design needs.
Intuitive touch-screen allows consumers to easily adjust color temperature and intensity to achieve their most flattering look.

Increases sales and traffic by encouraging customers to view themselves in a whole new light.
Results in less returns and increased customer satisfaction.
Acts as an in-store stylist for retail customers.

Evening: 2700 K : 92W: 5731 lumens
Office: 4100K : 85W : 5770 lumens
Outdoor: 6500K : 72W : 5733 lumens
Voltage: 100V - 240V
Weight: 75 lbs

For more information please visit iconintl.net/products/detail/16/SceneSetter

ENDO/ICON creates award-winning site specific lighting for a wide range of settings, from retail boutiques and malls to hotels and museums, transit stations, hospitals, schools, aquariums, airports, national landmarks and more. Each design solved a specific problem, enhanced the site's environment, increased energy efficiency, and most of all provided perfectly matched illumination for the space.

For our complete line of retail solutions that show your property in the best light, visit iconintl.net

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PANTONEVIEW Color Planner Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

[New York], April 15, 2013 - The Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Edition of PANTONE VIEW Color Planner, titled Discovery, highlights the key color palettes for women's wear, menswear, active wear, cosmetics and lifestyle, as well as industrial, interior and graphic design.

The demand for color information moves at varying speeds depending on the industry. For example, the fashion industry responds to a voracious consumer appetite for fresh product with quick turnover and frequent color modifications. In contrast, other industries, such as automobile manufacturing, focus on high-investment product that involves long-term planning and extensive development cycles.

To address this difference in approach to color planning, this latest multi-discipline color forecast includes palettes that work in both directions, allowing individuals to curate, balance and temper their color choices according to market needs.

"To discover means to be courageous. By exploring these calm and conservative or deliberately quirky color combinations, we inspire a whole new mode of color expression, one that will successfully pep up consumer interest on the selling floor," commented Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute.

"Our sense of color is changing. How we edit and curate color is to discover a new way of using and applying it to product. These fresh new color combinations speak to the consumer's desire for the more unusual and unexpected."

Seven Palettes of
PANTONE VIEW Color Planner Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

Uncovering brings to mind the materials used to decipher the unknown and inform the present. Discoveries are documented through fountain-pen black, charcoal, sepia ink and colored chalks.

With a deep respect for skills and materials, Making is organized and curated to captivate the eye and invite the audience to enjoy the inventive process of making, building, coloring, collaging, stitching and styling. Colors are inspired by a rich auburn, caramel and brown glow, with highlights of hot orange, red and turquoise.

The Essence
In The Essence, contemporary warm tones are restrained, pasteurized and processed, homogeneous and emulsifying; while, at the same time, compactness is expressed through solid, uncontaminated uniform colors.

No Limits
No Limits combines heightened and voluptuous colors to create a beguiling ambience with a dramatic cacophony of color that evokes an atmosphere full of vivid richness and blissful excess.

Voyage is a journey through nature, through yellow spaces, where mustard shades mixed with green and turquoise reveal an absence of time and space.

From Beyond
From Beyond delves into a world of violet, red, lilac and burned brown hues, where the colors interweave and blend continuously in complex fluxes. Dark colored textures appear as signs of ancient laser cuts.

In Breakthrough, greens and blues emerge from depths of ghostly, futuristic and unfathomable landscapes. This is a future that comes from the past - an extraordinarily complex future that is interconnected, heterogeneous and attempts to be dynamically adaptable to all scenarios.

For more information please visit Pantone  - www.pantone.com

Friday, April 12, 2013

Alice Temperley Store by Found Associates

[New York], April 12, 2013 - Found (www.foundassociates.com) collaborated closely with Alice Temperley to create their first flagship store at 27 Bruton Street; a Grade II listed, six-storey Georgian town house. 

Temperley London Bruton Street |Photo By Found.

The ground and first floor house retail space for the three Temperley collections; Temperley London, Temperley Bridal and ALICE by Temperley. The upper floors and basement will become home to the Temperley office team.

The design focuses on retaining and complimenting the existing Georgian features by using a heritage palette of colors, and luxurious materials such as decorative brass metalwork.

About Found

Based in Soho London, the practice was formed by Richard Found in 1997 and boasts a diverse portfolio of award winning work.

Found is recognised for excellence and innovation in design and architecture across a wide variety of sectors.

Found offer services tailored to cover every aspect of each individual client's needs, from initial concept design through to completion. We have a proven track record of delivering unique projects within budget and on programme.

Retail clients include: Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Givenchy, Anya Hindmarch, Kurt Geiger, Donna Karan.

Corporate clients include: Diageo, TalkTalk, Virgin Atlantic, M&C Saatchi, Prince's Trust.

Found have extensive experience in luxury residential projects including new buildings.

For more information please visit Found | www.foundassociates.com

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The New Alexander McQueen Store in Roppongi, Japan

[New York], April 9, 2013 - Alexander McQueen is pleased to announce the opening of the new Alexander McQueen accessories boutique in Roppongi, Japan.

Photo courtesy of
Alexander McQueen.
The new store concept was conceived by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen and realized together with David Collins Studio.

Alexander McQueen Store: Roppongi Tokyo Japan - Roppongi Hills
Roppongi Hills West Walk 2F 6-10-3 Roppongi

T: 03-3470-6221

Shop & Explore Alexander McQueen:  http://bit.ly/10J8aeH

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Trends From the 12th Annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Interior Designer Antony Todd's Scoop on the Show's Hottest Home Innovations
[New York], March 31, 2013 - It's the mecca of inspiration for the home...and we caught up with interior designer Antony Todd for some of his favorite finds....

"I think what I found so special this year about the show is how many artisans are here showing their products. Be it more sort of authentic design or whether is something let's say high-geared and technical like Jenn-Air. It's a wonderful mix of form and function all mixed into one, These kitchen appliances look more like luxury design pieces," says Todd.

Jenn-Air General manager, Steve Brown tells us, "The brand has always been a pioneer in advanced ventilation systems. From the introductions of the first down draft cook tops to parametric ventilation, which hangs on your wall like a flatscreen TV to our latest the Accolade. It's beautifully handcrafted in stainless steel and glass and it's got this beautiful curved shape so when it comes up it puts the ventilation power closer to the actual source of the cooking. Not only is it very efficient but its also beautiful and sculptural on your countertop and then with a press of a button when you're not using it, it just elegantly disappears into the countertop."

Brown also talks about their latest in steam ovens..."It's self-contained so it doesn't need a water line running to it. Cooks fish and vegetables beautifully but its also a traditional convection over so you can do roasts in there as well. So its like a supplemental oven to your main one. It also has functions for bread proofing and even a function for making your own yogurt at home."

Todd's other favorite hot spots, furniture company...Karkula. "I think their style is good, it's still contemporary but classical and therefore has a timeless appeal to it."

And good lighting Todd says is one of the most important touches in a home...and one of his favroties is Fiyel Levent Atelier. "It's the key to everything it makes people look good. It lights, it personifies beauty. I mean lighting I think is the key to any design, " says Todd

But the finishing touch to any home...great textiles. Todd likes Hiro Kota Kata, "They have a beautiful sense of textiles that are so soft and so manageable. People are really living and breathing, and loving the work."

For more information please visit:antonytodd.com

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Opens Sunday! Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light

Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light
March 10-June 24, 2013
Special Exhibitions Gallery, Third Floor
The Museum of Modern Art | 11 West 53 Street | New York, NY 10019

[New York], March 9, 2013 - The first solo exhibition on Labrouste in the United States, "Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light" establishes his work as a milestone in the modern evolution of architecture.

Labrouste made an invaluable impact on 19th-century architecture through his exploration of new paradigms of space, materials, and luminosity in places of great public assembly. The exhibition highlights his two magisterial glass-and-iron reading rooms in Paris-the Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève (1838-50) and the Bibliothèque nationale (1859-75)-which gave form to the idea of the modern library as a temple of knowledge and as a space for contemplation.

Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light presents a monographic portrait of the architect's voyage of discovery and invention of a challenging new language of architecture within a larger investigation of his influence-from the work of his direct pupils to later architectural masters, including Auguste Perret, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Pier Luigi Nervi. The exhibition includes over 200 works, including models, drawings, period and contemporary photographs, and film projections.

Purchase the exhibition catalogue
Edited by Barry Bergdoll, Corinne Belier, and Marc le Coeur, With Essays by NeilLevine, David Zanten, Martin Bressani, 2013 at MoMA Store: http://www.moma.org~

The exhibition is organized by Barry Bergdoll, The Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design, The Museum of Modern Art; Corinne Bélier, Chief Curator, Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine; and Marc Le Cœur, art historian, Bibliothèque nationale de France, département des Estampes et de la photographie.

Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light is presented by MoMA, the Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine, and the Bibliothèque nationale de France, with the participation of the Académie d'architecture and the Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève.

For more information please visit MoMA - http://www.moma.org/visit/calendar/exhibitions/1319

Monday, February 4, 2013

Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series: Watch the Short Films

[New York], February 4, 2013 - BOMBAY SAPPHIRE challenged a handful of celebrity directors to partner with Artisan Series Artists from their hometowns to create a short film about Imagination in the city where they grew up. 

Danny Simmons of Rush Arts + NYC's Edgartista Gonzalez Present: "New Millennium"

Artist and NY gallery owner Danny Simmons takes us on a tour of Brooklyn. See what sparks imagination in his own art, as well as the work of Mike Rader, Sherry Bittle, Kate Fauvell, Risha Rox, Meres One, and Edgartista Gonzalez, one of the National Winners of the 2012 BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Artisan Series.

To see more from the series, tune into Ovation February 22nd at 10pm EST for the full feature-length documentary, “Imagination Unleashed: An Artisan’s Journey.”

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

SMART Cities & HYBRID Identities - Venice

 Opening: January 25, 2013

[Venice], January 22, 2013 - SMART Cities & HYBRID Identities, an International Art Festival of Photography, Video Art, Computer Graphics, Architecture and Performing Art, will be held in the city of Venice, during the fabulous Carnival of Venice.

The Scoletta di San Giovanni Battista e del SS. Sacramento in Bragora, the venue of the event, will open its doors on Friday 25th of January, until Sunday - 27th of January. Thirty-five artists, from different countries, have been selected to be part of this project.

The selections has been based on the main concept of hybridization between identities and urban environment to create a smart life. People, backgrounds, societies, progress and all their inputs creates hybrid identities, modifying each other and being mixed in prospect to shape a better world. Mixing sustainable transport; modern (ICT) communication infrastructure; sustainable economic development; and wise management of natural resources, human, intellectual and social capital, is the key to reach a future better life quality. Be smart. Be hybrid. Be better.

During the event will be presented the Solo Show of the performer Ji-Eun Lee, and the video “Chromatic Revelry” by Evann Siebens,  winners of “ID / Identities” Istanbul 2012.

International ArtExpo in collaboration with It’s LIQUID, will offer to all the participants in the exhibition opening (students, artists, architects, designers), the FREE SUBMISSION for It’s LIQUID International Contest | Second Edition! You will find the free submission form at the Venue in Venice.

After the event, our organization will select the winning artist of 1 year of participation (6 events) in International art exhibitions organized by International ArtExpo, all over the world.

organizer: International ArtExpo
curators: Luca Curci
exhibition & screening place: Scoletta di San Giovanni Battista e del SS. Sacramento in Bragora, Venice

January 25/26/27, 2013 from 9 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm
January 25, 2013 at Scoletta di San Giovanni Battista e del SS.
Sacramento in Bragora  at 6:00 pm, Castello 3811/B – Campo della Bragora, Venice – Italy

Prize: 1 Year of participation in International art exhibitions organized by International ArtExpo, all over the world.
Laura Potrovic and Darko Jeftic . Croatia | Yuko Asai . Japan | Mar Garrido . Spain | Clara Ruiz . Spain | Gregory Steel . USA | Kyle Trowbridge . USA | Tsai Haoji . Australia | Nikki Lam . Australia | Manuel Schiavi . Italy | Kadet Khune . USA | Colleen Alborough . South Africa | Misawa Daichi . Japan | Andreas Mares . Austria | Roberta Orlando . Italy | Valerie Barnes . USA | Mat&AleCo - Matteo Licitra e Maria Alessandra Columbu . Italy | Johannes Knoops . USA | Kieran Healy . Ireland | Evann Siebens . Canada (winner of “ID / Identities” Istanbul 2012)

Antonella Iovinella . Italy | Ipek Yeginsu . Turkey | Nirit Zer . Israel | Liene Straupe . Latvia | Frédérique and Raphael Roung . France | Linda Riseley . Australia | Nita Zeqiri . Kosovo | Christian Mélot . France | Annamaria Capicchioni . Italy | Ozlem Paker . Istanbul
Chryssanthi Dafopoulou . London | Xiaoqiang Liu . China | Pedone Studio . Italy | Dan Hutchins . USA

.computer graphics artists
Miwa Kaneoya . Japan | Yalda Keramati . Iran | Antonella Iovinella . Italy

Ji-Eun Lee . UK (winner of “ID / Identities” Istanbul 2012) | Mat&AleCo - Matteo Licitra e Maria Alessandra Columbu . Italy

Featured Artist
International ArtExpo
is proud to present the video “Solipsist” by Andrew Thomas Huang, from the “Autour de Minuit” selection.

Andrew Thomas Huang is a filmmaker and artist living in Los Angeles. His film career is preceded with a love of drawing and painting, paralleled with experimentation in animation, fashion and puppetry. These interests culminated in his short film "Solipsist", which was honored at the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase at Cannes Lions and won Best Experimental Short Film at the Slamdance Film Festival. The film caught the attention of Icelandic polymath Bjork, leading Andrew to direct her music video for "Mutual Core", premiering at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Andrew's work has also been showcased at the Hammer Museum, MOCA Taipei, ZKM Media Museum, ASVOFF at the Centre Pompidou, as well as various publications including Interview Magazine, DAZED&CONFUSED, Paper Magazine, The Atlantic, Motionographer, SIGGRAPH's electronic Theater, and Creativity Magazine's "Directors to Watch."

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