Sunday, March 31, 2013

Trends From the 12th Annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show

Interior Designer Antony Todd's Scoop on the Show's Hottest Home Innovations
[New York], March 31, 2013 - It's the mecca of inspiration for the home...and we caught up with interior designer Antony Todd for some of his favorite finds....

"I think what I found so special this year about the show is how many artisans are here showing their products. Be it more sort of authentic design or whether is something let's say high-geared and technical like Jenn-Air. It's a wonderful mix of form and function all mixed into one, These kitchen appliances look more like luxury design pieces," says Todd.

Jenn-Air General manager, Steve Brown tells us, "The brand has always been a pioneer in advanced ventilation systems. From the introductions of the first down draft cook tops to parametric ventilation, which hangs on your wall like a flatscreen TV to our latest the Accolade. It's beautifully handcrafted in stainless steel and glass and it's got this beautiful curved shape so when it comes up it puts the ventilation power closer to the actual source of the cooking. Not only is it very efficient but its also beautiful and sculptural on your countertop and then with a press of a button when you're not using it, it just elegantly disappears into the countertop."

Brown also talks about their latest in steam ovens..."It's self-contained so it doesn't need a water line running to it. Cooks fish and vegetables beautifully but its also a traditional convection over so you can do roasts in there as well. So its like a supplemental oven to your main one. It also has functions for bread proofing and even a function for making your own yogurt at home."

Todd's other favorite hot spots, furniture company...Karkula. "I think their style is good, it's still contemporary but classical and therefore has a timeless appeal to it."

And good lighting Todd says is one of the most important touches in a home...and one of his favroties is Fiyel Levent Atelier. "It's the key to everything it makes people look good. It lights, it personifies beauty. I mean lighting I think is the key to any design, " says Todd

But the finishing touch to any home...great textiles. Todd likes Hiro Kota Kata, "They have a beautiful sense of textiles that are so soft and so manageable. People are really living and breathing, and loving the work."

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