Thursday, May 2, 2013

SceneSetter Fitting Room Mirror

[New York], May 2, 2013 - Introducing SceneSetter™, a uniquely lit mirror that enables shoppers to focus on your merchandise instead.
You see it every day - a shopper heads for the fitting room with an armload of clothes, only to leave empty handed. Why do you lose sales in the fitting room? Nothing "looked right." And many times, that's due to unflattering lighting that makes a shopper look ill and feel frumpy.

"With really bad lighting, you look at yourself,
you look at your skin and you're completely distracted."

-Wendy B. McDevitt, Anthropologie, as quoted in the Wall Street Journal

With different settings replicating outdoor, evening and office light, SceneSetter™ highlights subtle nuances of color tone, letting your customers see themselves in a whole new light. A quick touch of a button and they can see how they'll look in various real-life situations: a romantic dinner, a business presentation, an outdoor excursion. Customers want clothes that make them look good. And SceneSetter™ makes it easy for shoppers to say: "I love the way I look in this outfit." They'll relax more - and buy more.

An easy-to-use touch-screen interface allows shoppers to control lighting and adjust the color temperature and intensity to achieve their most flattering look while they try on their selections.

Allows user to simulate various real life environments.
Touch-screen interface system can be adapted to retailers' specific design needs.
Intuitive touch-screen allows consumers to easily adjust color temperature and intensity to achieve their most flattering look.

Increases sales and traffic by encouraging customers to view themselves in a whole new light.
Results in less returns and increased customer satisfaction.
Acts as an in-store stylist for retail customers.

Evening: 2700 K : 92W: 5731 lumens
Office: 4100K : 85W : 5770 lumens
Outdoor: 6500K : 72W : 5733 lumens
Voltage: 100V - 240V
Weight: 75 lbs

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