Saturday, December 22, 2012

Stream Music Wirelessly This Christmas With Bang & Olufsen's New Playmaker

With Bang & Olufsen's new Playmaker it has never been easier to enjoy superior sound quality at home. The new music system allows you to stream your favorite tunes right from your smartphone, tablet or computer to any active high end Bang & Olufsen speaker - wirelessly. Indulge your family this Christmas with the gift of superb wireless sound throughout your home.

[New York], December 22, 2012 - This holiday season, add stunning Bang & Olufsen sound to your family's favorite digital songs with our special new wireless surprise. Perfect for making a memorable impression on everyone on your list.

Globally, sales of digital music are expected to exceed physical sales in 2015, according to Strategy Analytics' latest "Global Recorded Music Forecast". Digital music - and especially online streaming - has become increasingly popular among music aficionados as they are looking for products and services that offer simplicity, flexibility and convenience. With Bang & Olufsen's new Playmaker, it has become very simple to stream digital music to your high-end loudspeakers - wirelessly.

Just add Playmaker to any set of Bang & Olufsen active loudspeakers, and within seconds you'll discover just how good digital music from a smartphone can sound. Whether you want to share a playlist or explore a new online station, Playmaker is a simple way for existing Bang & Olufsen owners to add digital music to their systems - wirelessly - and has the specs to handle even Bang & Olufsen's most demanding speakers, BeoLab 5.

Playmaker is ideal for homes where people enjoy different kinds of music in different ways. It works with both Apple AirPlay and Android DLNA devices so everyone in the family can stream from their own phone, tablet or other device. Volume and mute can be controlled either by the handheld device, by the Bang & Olufsen remote, or on Playmaker itself. Guests can easily link up and share a song. And by adding more Playmakers to more rooms with Bang & Olufsen speakers, you can sync sound throughout the house using Apple iTunes or listen to opera in one room and hip-hop in another - and create as many music zones as you like. So gather your friends and family this festive period and enjoy breath-taking, wireless Bang & Olufsen sound.

All of Bang & Olufsen's customers are invited to their wireless world in-store, to experience how the music on your mobile device sounds on a pair of great speakers.

A special promotion is running in Bang & Olufsen stores just in time for the festive period, where customers will receive a complimentary Playmaker with the purchase of any active Bang & Olufsen speaker, until the end of December.

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