Wednesday, September 3, 2014

INVISTA's Antron Color Trends Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

[New York], September 3, 2014 - INVISTA's Antron® carpet fibre has launched an interactive color palette tool that allows designers to create custom palettes using colors taken from its Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Color Trend forecast created by Global Color Research.

Photo: TREND IV - Playful Spectrum, © and Courtesy of

Antron® carpet fibre has a team of dedicated creatives from across the globe who collaborate on color and trends in order to bring you relevant forecasts.

Antron® has joined forces with leading color forecasters, Global Color Research to bring you four key color themes in commercial interiors for 2014/2015.

Global changes have taken place and economics have dipped and dived, revealing altered ways of living and working. This push and pull state has brought divided directions to the forefront as we adapt to a new state of play. But what's significant is that what has been before will never be the same again.

So what will be important? Which design fundamentals will be at the forefront? And more importantly what will the future user desire?

TREND I - Mysterious Illusions
A story of magic and mystery, conjures up an unlikely palette with a dreamlike appeal. This trend focuses on creating a veil from the outside world where turmoil resides, stepping back into the ethereal and secret haven. Erring on the dark side of the color spectrum, deep shades of black and shadowy grey create transitory and moody effects without being too sinister or macabre.

TREND II - Eccentric Icons
A blurring of eras merging past, present and future is prevalent, making way for a hybrid aesthetic. Classic features and shapes are equally as relevant in our pared down new century as modern technology. The result sees yesteryear ornamentation merge with modern design principles, giving birth to a new ageless aesthetic key for the luxury goods market.

TREND III - Magnified Cosmos
Grow your own wellbeing with the health-giving properties of plants, as we rediscover the simple and restorative side of nature. New Growth reminds us that nature is bigger tha ever and is an important factor in our lives going forward. This trend draws on the basics and explores the diversity of green creating a mood of energy and positivity.

TREND IV - Playful Spectrum
Having survived an era of self-imposed austerity a vivid palette of punchy tones drives an optimistic attitude to the future. Upbeat colors reveal a trend that is creative and innovative as 2014 spells the start to economic global recovery. However this isn't a return to mass produced design, past mistakes have been noted and new creative approaches to sustainability and materials bring elements of surprise and delight to our living environment.

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