Friday, March 24, 2017

Kasthall’s Rug Collection: Arrival of Origin

Kasthall’s Design Studio Refines Design Legacy and Creates Momentum Going Forward

For the 2017 collection, Kasthall’s design studio has put particular emphasis on future development with the company’s design legacy as its point of departure. The theme of the 2017 collection is "Arrival of Origin". One of the news is within hand tufted rugs. Kasthall combines LOOP-technology with a new three-dimensional technique for tufting, using the best of traditional craftsmanship. Showcasing the new technology are the first two releases of the collection – the hand-tufted Field and Madison rugs.

Since the start in 1889, Kasthall has been an innovative design company that creates trends rather than following them. The idea behind this year’s collection is to highlight Kasthall’s design origins as well as its ability to look ahead and develop new crafting techniques. Kasthall has been developing the LOOP technique for some years now, making a more three-dimensional expression in tufted rugs possible in the 2017 collection. 

In this collection, Kasthall experiments with creating patterns by applying different heights of bouclé, showcased in the two new releases: the Field and Madison rugs. The surface in the higher bouclé adds a new expression, creating shadows that subtly enhance the three-dimensional look and feel. The rugs are framed with a cut edge, adding a stylish and playful touch.

Prior to the color selection, Kasthall looked into its existing color archive of weaving yarn consisting of 116 different shades of color. Weaving yarn is thicker than traditional tuft yarn and gives a more robust impression. 

The color choices for the 2107 collection were inspired by pure material such as paper, clay and chalk. The Field collection blends Paris Blue, Rouge, Almond, Porcelain Pink and Blond.

All images courtesy of Kasthall.

About Kasthall
The historic company Kasthall designs and manufactures exclusive rugs for private and public environments. Since it was founded in 1889, the company has had its own manufacturing facility in Kinna, western Sweden. Over the years, Kasthall has become one of the leading international design companies in textile flooring and today, most of its sales are outside of Sweden. Kasthall continues to develop its products with an extraordinary understanding of design and innovation, invaluable craftsmanship, a focus on sustainability, and by always delivering unique rugs of the highest quality to the global interior design world. 

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